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Eustis Gun Club New Membership

Eustis Gun Club, Inc.
Procedures for New Membership

  • All prospective Individual and Spouse members will present themselves before a general membership meeting with a completed Individual or Spouse membership application, copies of documents required for membership, and membership fees (initiation fees are non-refundable).

  • After this meeting, applicants will be given a range orientation/safety briefing, a probationary membership card (valid for 60 days), and a copy of the Basic Club Safety and Range Rules booklet.

  • During this 60-day period the probationary member will obtain three (3) EGC Range Safety Officers signatures (shooting at three separate occasions) attesting to the knowledge of Club procedures and safe gun handling while shooting on the range. This may be completed before the 60 days and brought to the next General membership meeting if desired. If a probationary member cannot complete the requirements in the allotted time, it is their responsibility to contact the Club Membership Coordinator to request an extension of time to complete and reason is needed. Contact Membership at

  • Following completion of step 3, the probationary member will attend a general membership meeting at which time their membership will be voted on by the Club members.

  • During the probationary period:
    • They may shoot immediately after range orientation/safety meeting on day of application
    • They may shoot while other members are present on the range.
    • Probationary membership identification will be displayed at all times while on the range.
    • They will sign in at designated area and sign in as PROB with their name.

New Members Dues Structure (Adopted June 2016).

All member dues are renewed on July 1 of each year regardless of when you joined the club. You will be notified by newsletter or email. Annual Dues are $200.00 effective Sept 1, 2016. Life membership dues are $1600.00 effective Sept 1, 2016.

*This price includes next years's Membership dues.
If Joining in Dues Initiation Fee Total Due
June $200 $50 $250 *
July $200 $50 $250
August $185 $50 $235
September $175 $50 $225
October $160 $50 $210
November $145 $50 $195
December $130 $50 $180
January $115 $50 $165
February $100 $50 $150
March $85 $50 $135
April $200 $50 $250 *
May There is no meeting in May

If you would like to apply, you can fill out the application located under forms.